ZeoSync makes a PressRelease

ZeoSync's compression breakthrough press release. Here's what they've come up with:

  • A "BinaryAccelerator™" encoder
  • "BitPerfect™" technology
  • "Zero Space Tuner™" sequencer
  • "TunerAccelerator™" something-or-other
  • Relational Differentiation Encoding™ thingamabob

One wonders if they used the majority of their R&D funds on trademark research.

Now, here's some non-fiction for your reading pleasure.

Can someone please explain to me how random "practically random data" really is?


Joel said:

Sounds like vapourware to me.

Brad said:

You mean VapourWare™.

Russ said:

Been there, witnessed their supposed compression engine, offered to testbed the claims in front of NASA, General Dynamics, God, and the rest of the world. They continually choked. I believe they are folded.


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