My computer is not pretty

...and I don't care. It sits under my desk hidden from public view. It's not there to make a fashion statement. It's not a reflection of my inner child. But if it were, it would not look like the new Apple iMac.

If you like the iMac, fine-- more power to ya. But personally, I don't like my computers pre-built like that. With integrated this and on-board that. Give me choices.

I'll build it myself-- it will be cheaper and faster. It will have the best audio and video available, not just the chipset with the right price/performance ratio. It won't pretend to be a cute little package which in fact has a dozen or more devices hooked up by Firewire or USB since it's case has no room for exapansion. It will have everything but the kitchen sink already inside it and a dozen or more kitchen sinks wired up to it by Firewire or USB. It will have a mouse will have a minimum of two buttons. It will have a display with a resolution of at least 1600x1200-- preferably 1920x1280. It will be hooked up to a large, deep, 80-pound monitor until 21" flat-screen panel prices enter the atmosphere. It will no doubt have an "Intel Inside" sticker on it, because as much as I appreciate AMD and what they are doing for the industry, and even though I'm sure they make fine products, I must admit that Intel's marketing behemoth has beaten me into submission and I just have to have a gen-u-ine Intel processor in there somewhere. Maybe two. It will be noisy. It will double as a space heater. It will be beige, not chrome. It won't have stripes. No stars either. It won't be streamlined or aerodynamic.

And it won't be pretty.


Niaz Habib said:

... and it will have a lot of software in the market available. What kinda computer is that table lamp looking thing anyway?

Lauren said:

and most important of WON'T be a mac!

thomas said:

and it will have a lot of software in the market

You mean it will have a lot of CRAPPY software in the market.

(and brad, somehow I don't think you are the imac's intended audience.)


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