So long, <EMBED>

Microsoft has decided to strip support of Netscape's EMBED tag from future versions of Internet Explorer. I guess that's OK-- it's their browser and all. It's always been a rogue tag anyway-- it's never been recognized by the W3C where OBJECT now is. But it would have been nice of them to give everyone a little warning. Service Pack 2 for Internet Explorer 5.5 'patched' EMBED support right out of existence. It affects QuickTime most of all. Macromedia Flash falls back to an ActiveX control for IE browsers, so that's no problem.

But I wonder how many corporate intranets/extranets use Netscape-style plugins? Microsoft seems to forget when people build on a platform, they don't like it when the platform changes. It makes for a very shaky foundation. Pulling support for the EMBED tag can have some serious unseen implications that will require companies to redevelop solutions they already have in place. Once upon a time I developed a Netscape style plugin for a client. We chose that route because it provided a cross-platform (well, cross-browser) solution. I wonder what they are going to do now? I guess they'll have to make their users run Navigator or Mozilla.

If you're having trouble with QuickTime movies now that you've installed Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or Internet Explorer 6, go here.


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