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I'm looking to buy a wireless networking solution for my house. I think 802.11b is the way to go, but recently there have been reports folks slicing through its encryption layer like a hot knife through butter. Does that really bother me? To some extent, but it is just a home network and I'm not terribly worried about my neighbors jacking in.

Then I read about the new 802.11a which about quadruples the throughput compared to 802.11b and provides for stronger encryption. That sounds great, but nothing has shipped for 802.11a yet and when the access points and adapters come out they will be about 3-4 times more than the 802.11b counterparts. So do I wait for this stuff to come down in price or just bite the bullet and go with the 802.11b solution?

I love the idea of being able to connect from anywhere in the house without having to worry whether the room is wired or not. At first I plan to use it for Georgia's workstation which we'll move upstairs to a more private spot. But eventually, I hope to get my hands on a web tablet of some sort that has wireless access built in so I can do the simple surfing session from the bedroom or the dining room or the back yard or anywhere I please (within range of the access point, naturally).

I think I've answered my question-- 802.11b will be more than enough for now. Georgia doesn't do a lot of heavy file transfers or anything. She would mostly be doing email and Internet stuff and 11 Mbps is plenty of speed for that.

Now I just need to find a good price on this stuff. uBid has a few kits for sale, but I think I'm going to hunt around pricewatch before I bid on anything.


This article was published on August 21, 2001 5:36 PM.

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