RIP, Infobeat

eUniverse has totally ruined Infobeat.


Clay Busker said:

I agree, fully. I sent this message to, but got a form letter back, or something that basically said I had to go through a couple more levels of redtape to actually get someone to read the message. Not that it matters. I'm still annoyed that I can't find a similar service, as it's something that I'd be willing to pay $20 a year for. At least. Anyway, here's the e-mail:

Evidently you've started up an e-mail address to take abuse. Or so it seems. Perhaps that means that my letter won't be read. Oh well. I'd like to vent anyway.

Recently, I've been wondering about what's happening to Infobeat. All of sudden, certain things weren't coming. I thought, "perhaps something got screwed up in my account. I'll go check.", 'course, when I went there, I found out that there really wasn't anything for me to change.

Then, I get the letter that says, "Good News!" Which isn't. What it means to me is that my treasured Infobeat has been replaced by crap. Don't tell me that Infobeat is going to undergo changes, but you'll still be covering the same content areas, tell me that Infobeat lost too much money, and thus is unable to stay in business, and therefore you'll be changing to the service you provide, which might be useful for some people. Might. Some. It's highly generic documents with links to the web. Which means, if I actually want to know what's going on, I have to have the web browser open anyway. Well, why don't I just go to CNN?

Okay. That's what I'll do. I'm sad to hear that Infobeat ran out money. I'm thankful for the wonderful service they provided, and I would have paid $20 a year to get their services. But that has all been replaced by something incredibly useless which is Infobeat only because a vulture came out of the sky and snatched it.
'course, now that I've researched this a bit, I guess eUniverse had about half a million dollars on hand at the time of the acquisition, meaning that the deal was basically Sony saying, "Hey, take and five million bucks, and give us shares that are worth 9 million bucks."

But Infobeat had to have been losing money. Why else would they have been in a deal that was as low level as that?


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