Final Fantasy

I finally got to see Final Fantasy this weekend. I had to drive a half-hour away to see it-- our local theatre has already stopped showing it. Well, it was visually stunning-- graphically everything I expected it to be. Mainly because my expectations were set from all of the previews they made available at I was somewhat disappointed by: poor skeletal animation (at times some of the wrist movements seemed off for example), the lip synching could have been much better (some of the minor characters suffered more with this problem, as if they paid more attention to getting the main character's lip synching right), and the story itself wasn't very moving.

I was hoping to see something completely different in this movie. That is, I was hoping for that until I started seeing what they were making through their previews months and months ago. I was hoping that they would create an entirely new story and place it in an entirely new world. There was little fantasy in this movie. It was mostly a rehash of futuristic sci-fi we've seen before. They had the power and technology to build anything and to tell any story they wanted.

They did do an excellent job on animating Ross' hair though-- that was great (even Ebert & Roeper went on about it in their review).


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