The X-Files, season 9

The X-Files will return for a 9th season. I have mixed feelings about this news...

I'm an avid X-Philer, but the 8th season was rocky. Not so much because of Robert Patrick-- I've actually grown to like his character and he's done a good job in that role. The show just wasn't the same without Mulder. The whole chemistry thing between Mulder and Scully isn't there (nor should we expect it to be) with Scully and Doggett.

You also lose a lot of the humor and light-heartedness of the show. I don't recall one episode this past season that wasn't serious. I miss the occasional off-the-wall funny episodes from prior seasons. Also, Mulder had all the funny lines to offset Scully's continually-serious nature. Doggett is a straight man-- so all the dialog between Doggett and Scully is bound to be serious and nothing else. Not very interesting.

One other thing that has really changed with the show. Scully is a Believer now. Once Mulder left the scene, she had to become the paranormal expert for the X-Files and Doggett entered as the skeptic. It's a complete reversal of Scully's character from the beginning of the show.


Lisa said:

I was searching thru search engines for XFiles sites an came upon yours, btw nice site. I unfortunately wasnt able to see the whole season finale The Truth and am search of a copy on VHS Any ideas on where I can get it ??

Alessandra said:

Hi!I'm an italian girl, in Italy x-files is not finished...can you tell me please if the Lone Gunman died in the season 9????????can you answer by e-mail, please? my e-mail is thank you so much Alessandra

edna said:

The 9th episode rocks!, it is doing it's sixth episode this saturday. I really wish Monica Reyes and John Doggett would get together! they are so perfect for each other! you gotta watch it!!.


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