Cross-browser layering is no fun

Boy-- making layered web designs look right in both Internet Explorer and Netscape is hard. Here's what made it difficult: when you add a border to a <div>'s style attribute, Netscape likes to add an extra 3 pixel padding inbetween that border and the interior. Now why it does that, I do not know. Because when you're trying to make something look "just right" and you're working at the pixel level to make it look "just right", having a extra 3 pixels thrown in for no good reason doesn't help. Now somehow I was able to make my design look somewhat OK in both browsers due to this added effect. Which is to say that it doesn't look "just right" in either browser, but it looks decent in both. Now I have to go dig up that Javascript workaround for the Netscape resize-window bug (which you have to script into ANY page that uses layers-- thank you Netscape).


This article was published on April 10, 2001 6:44 PM.

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