Kylix is coming

KYLIX! It was offically announced yesterday at LinuxWorld. And the best news of all is that Borland is going to provide a free edition of it. How exciting is that?

I think Borland is finally figuring it out. They've been profitable for the last 3 quarters and seem to be on the road to recovery. I've been hoping they would make a free version of Delphi for some time now. It makes sense that they would make a free version of Kylix because a lot of the Linux community uses free tools all the time. Now I hope that they will make a free edition of Delphi 6 available as well. Why??? Because the $99 "Standard" edition of Delphi CAN'T be making that much money for them as a company and they have so much more to gain by getting as many coders as possible to use their products. Once you try a product like Delphi, you don't want to go back to VB or PowerBuilder or anything less. So, with all these programmers trying and getting hooked on Delphi (like so many did with Java), corporations are bound to take notice. The widespread acceptance of Delphi/Kylix will make those products more acceptable for corporate development. And that's where Borland stands to make a lot of money. The $1000 or $2000 per corporate developer is worth a LOT more than $99. And if you get those corporate users, they're much more likely to upgrade year to year to maintain their development. It just makes sense.

I predict that Kylix will bring Borland great success in 2001-- much like Delphi was a shot in the arm (and many believe their savior) in 1995. Hopefully, once they see how well the free edition is received, they will do the same for Delphi and C++Builder.


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