Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy is another of my favorite sites I want to share. An incredible selection of wallpaper files. Not your basic repeating pattern, but complex, 3-D graphical scenes carefully constructed by a digital artist. There are 35 images available for free and for the rest, you'll have to subscribe to the site ($25/yr, $12 for 90 days). I subscribed and have been very happy. All the files can be downloaded (at resolutions upward to 1600x1200) together if you want a quick grab and Ryan adds a new creation every week or so!


Jerika Garling said:

Why can't you have any information about Digital Blasphemy on this websit. Tell use what its about why its fun.

Brooke Warner said:

I think you should let people have you wallpaper for free. Most of the other sites do. So why don't you? You would probly get more people to download your wallpaper.


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