Final Fantasy VII - Done

Last night was a historic occassion-- I finally finished Final Fantasy VII. It was a fun game, but some games are longer than they need to be. In the case of the FF series, I think the battles could go faster by trimming down some of the animated sequences that are used. And there are SO many battles-- surely there is a less monotonous way to go about levelling up throughout the game. Seriously, over the past year or so I've been playing this game (not continuously mind you), I've logged over 60 hours. There's something to be said for getting top value for your dollar when buying a game, but I don't think that always equates to longer game play. I don't know how much of those 60 hours was spent watching repetitive summon spells being cast, but it adds up. And while I enjoy the storyline, some of the dialogue could be better-- much better.


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