Blogging again

Well, it's about time I get back to regular blogging again. Looks like the new server(s) is installing is fixing their site problems. I could barely browse the last few weeks.

The holidays have come and gone. Georgia, Savannah and I had a good visit with our families over Thanksgiving break. It was good to see some old friends as well. And I'm glad that the whole election thing is finally over. I can't believe the depths both sides sunk to over all that.

I finally got my PS2-- I have kept the original two games I had pre-ordered-- Tekken Tag Tournament and SSX. SSX is by far the better game and still the best title out for the PS2 right now. I tried a few others-- Smuggler's Run, Midnight Club and Sky Odyssey, but none of them seem to have the polish and sheer fun gameplay I found in SSX, so I returned them. So instead of buying some 3rd rate PS2 titles, I bought a few more last-gen games-- Banjo-Tooie and Final Fantasy IX. Both are very good games, but very long-- it will take me a while to work my way through them considering the free time I have for stuff like that.

I also had some real trouble with my dedicated hosting service last month. My server got hacked! I was able to discover the intrusion before it got very far and quickly locked down the box. A lot of damage had already been done though. No files were lost, but several system files had been replaced with rogue counterparts. For example, a new version of telnet that copied login passwords to a file, a version of "ps" that filtered out certain processes so they couldn't been seen, etc. From what I could find of what was left behind, the intruder was trying to set the server up for some future Denial-of-Service attacks. I spent almost a month trying to get CIHost to do a full-system restore from the backups they do on their dedicated servers. Well, that wasn't very fruitful-- they finally told me that they simply couldn't since the backup tapes had already rotated and the backup from the date I wanted was no longer available. So I had them rebuild the box. At least they did that at no charge and even upgraded the server with double the space and a faster processor. It's taken about a week to move all the site files and install the latest software such as Apache, Perl, etc. on the new system, but I think I'm about done now. And, I've taken some strict security measures to avoid future breakins. I've learned a lot more about Linux system administration this past month, so that is a good thing that has come from all this.

We've had quite a bit of snow this past week-- I have got to get a snow blower for our driveway. I don't want to shovel it off any more. I'll be posting some pictures soon of the 2 feet of snow we got about a week ago.


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