Netscape 6 (shameless) self-promotion

I just installed Netscape 6 and it continues and expands the practice of providing numerous ways to use to promote Netscape, Inc. (or AOL for that matter). Frankly, I see it as a slap in the face to Mozilla, since all their volunteered hard work has created a product that will line Netscape's pockets. Does any of the money generated by the browser get back to Mozilla? I kinda doubt it.

Really-- I've found at least 42 (hey- there's that magic number again) toolbar or menu options that will take you to for everything from buying printer supplies to business web hosting. That's not even counting any of the side bar stuff like "Find and Book Travel". And, all of those tie-ins are littered with banner ads. So even if you don't buy anything, you're still generating revenue for Netscape on some level.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Internet Explorer's only link back to is through the "Windows Update" feature where there is nothing to buy. To me, it's quite a double-standard-- Microsoft would be immediately dragged to court if they had one button in IE that led to a service to buy or a banner ad.

Personally, I would cringe every time I used the Netscape browser to even do an in-the-address bar search (using the "? some-text-here" syntax), since the results come with a banner ad served up by "".

Very troubling and very frustrating.


This article was published on November 14, 2000 12:06 PM.

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