Wherefore art thou, broadband?

Sigh. Comcast, our beloved cable provider, has been dragging their heels to provide cable modem access to Danbury and Bethel. I've gotten so desperate that I've even contemplated going with DirecPC and DirecTV as an alternative. The downside being that the equipment cost-- while not prohibitive-- gives one pause and the upstream access is still through a regular dial-up modem. Well, I finally got some assurance today that Comcast will be rolling out cable modem access for our area by the end of the year. I'm crossing my fingers at this point-- I just have to go by faith that they aren't pulling my leg. But if there is cable modem service for me by year's end, I'll be one happy gamer.


This article was published on September 18, 2000 2:48 PM.

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