Blogging on my Palm

Hey everybody! I'm writing this on my Palm computer!

This is too cool. I can blog anywhere I want now!


I realize that since Handspring abandoned production of organizers, you've switched over to a Pocket PC device. I'm curious, though, what your setup was when you posted this blog entry from your Palm. I've got plans to add wireless hardware (either Bluetooth to my phone, or just an 802.11b adapter) to my CLIE NX70V, and I'm curious what browser software you were using.

Granted, whatever you were using may not even exist by now (three years is an eternity in the gadget software market), but I am still curious what you found that worked.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Weeelll... I'm actually still using a Handspring. My Visor Deluxe died on me and I picked up a Prism pretty cheap a while back. I've invested heavily in Palm apps by now and just haven't had it in me to switch.

The CLIE/wireless thing sounds really nice, but it's a little too rich for my blood right now. Maybe once it drops a couple hundred.

On the other hand, I do have a very expensive, heavy (and wireless) personal digital assistant -- otherwise known as a laptop.


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